Why I recommend Gravity Forms for Australian Customers

There’s plenty of free plugins on WordPress but when does paying for a premium plugin pay off?

Generally speaking most websites are using the free plugin Contact Form 7 and it does a great job for being free. One negative is that the styling out of the box could be a lot better, then again it’s free so you have to grateful from the developers who put in their time. (its not easy)

What’s the best way to setup a business?
For proper business that are active I recommend setting up with Gravity Forms, it gives you the power of a light CRM and has nice features that you can use to manage the form settings as well as integrations with many other 3rd party systems. What makes Gravity Forms so great is it is widely used so compability is great compared to other paid plugins.

3rd Party System Email Setup

I’ve setup countless of clients who use 3rd party contact forms where it fees their CRM or contact form system (really you need this, as it should all be on WordPress unless the system you are using has really nice features you like).

What this basically means… when someone fills out a form on your web page such as contact page or even a unique property. The form is coming from the CRM system such as Infusionsoft and that then has more advanced features like directing it to the correct staff who is assigned as the manager for the form. This comes in handy with synchronising all your data with your offices that might use a CRM heavily.

A well setup form should help the business with time and money for example application forms, you can can force valid correct answers unlike pen & paper plus all required fields field out. I’ve had clients that used to change up forms for hundreds of people just for information required which can all be eliminated through smart business just like Google (Automation) then you have processing the data much easier as it is all digital.

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