Understanding security & WordPress

We fix WordPress hacks & issues

First we investigate what type of attack is happening on your website. The goal of the attackers system on your website. Then we work on securing the whole environment & change all access point so in future any attacks will be minimised drastically.

Full website security scan of WordPress website

Get your website protected and your customers

Many attacks will slow down visitors and also collect private information or attacks on your users. It’s important once an attack is detected to take care of it seriously. Fixing up the issue can be much more damaging if the attack is really bad.

Secured WordPress Web Hosting

WordPress Optimised Hosting 

By working closely with the server we can have full control of optimal settings for your WordPress site and take on full responsibility for any issues that arise pro-actively like your own organisations internal I.T operations manager.

WordPress Security Features

WordPress Website Investigation

We can provide a health check of your WordPress website. Scan existing WordPress site for any exploits, malware and at risk entry points. If we see anything out of place we will fix it up for you.

Investigate scripts, load times & external calls

We have been noticing many hackers have been trying to hide their code on our clients websites either through multiple files or encoded code that doesn’t get picked up my security scanners. We trace and debug the purpose and implementation of the attack.

Security Hardening & Removal

We will upgrade the whole website, change access and harden the WordPress platform. Afterwards we setup advanced monitoring to track attack attempts going on the website to prove the website security is doing it’s job.

Backups & Restoration

Some of our clients have had websites hacked so bad beyond repair. Where most agencies fail to recover or restore. We can possibly do the impossible and save the job depending on how bad the hack is and the tasks required to store website are in our control.

Fast Acting Security

If you have an urgent issue that needs to be fixed that is prevent users purchasing or even issues such as white screen of death which we can debug and fix quickly that many other developers can stuck on for days.

Website Security Report

Once completed we will show that your website is secured and cleaned from our custom report showing that everything is clean and running smoothly.

Do you have any

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