Howto get the most out of your wordpress developer: Inside edition

So you are ready to launch your big idea go get customers…

It’s important that you be clear & concise in your website brief. I’ve done over 100 custom WordPress projects and lucky myself all my WordPress developers including myself are in-house when things go off course that’s when I noticed from other web developers & agencies:

1. Website goes over budget and companies/agencies are very strict: You do go over, either by bad developers (usually outsourced) & unclear brief.

2. Client is shopping for what they want: they aren’t even sure so the developer has to go back to the drawing board which many can’t afford to due to budget of hours set. 

3. Delays in communication taking serveral days even for small requests. I’ve had to take over jobs that have been outstanding for over 1 year. 

How can you be clear for a WordPress Developer to match your new website?

Have a sitemap ready which basically shows how many pages you need, similar to building a home with details of what each room will be for the builders. 

Show examples of websites that show similar calibre, it does not have to be competitors. Usually most competitors have old websites.

Get good hosting preferably Cpanel it is the most commonly used and supported. I’ve had jobs where the websites been such a pain in the backside that it takes 3 times as to accomplish tasks. 


Have quality assurances in place

Set design standards and web wishlist features that you would like implemented so your new WordPress developer is clear on what he needs to deliver for the project compleition. Becareful of the sales agents that will agree and say yes to everything, I have found when it comes to custom projects it falls to pieces as they don’t care about the intricacies of your project, just closing the sale and then funnelling you on to the development team who are overloaded or students.

Look at their existing WordPress websites they have developed

Nothing speaks louder then action & to get a good idea of a developers skills it’s important to have a look at their portfolio to gauge how good they are. The level of quality varies to such a degree its like asking who’s the best cooking from someone at McDonalds to 5 star hotel and the only way you can tell is by the food (website portfolio).

A good web developer should be able to answer all your tough questions technically while still being clear where you understand.  I have found having a project manager or switched on senior website developer  keeps the whole project moving without bottlenecks and no suprises, if their are any issues they get flagged up quickly. 


In most cases I have found with overseas and freelancers, you end up becoming the professional web designer who is coaching and guiding. If you spend extra and go the professional way with a reputable, expect results that will make you stand out from your competitors. You will be proud of your new WordPress website and your visitors will engage with your business.